Refurbished Computers VS New Computers

Refurbished Computers VS New Computers

If you had a choice to purchase a computer or laptop would you rather go with refurbished or new? The refurbished computers and laptop are used and old.

A new computer could be expensive depending on the configuration. It is true; if you want to buy a new computer or laptop you have to spend a couple of $1000’s. Refurbished computers are cheaper but the quality is the same. If you are going to buy a new computer that has the same specs as a refurbished computer then you will spend more money.

If you are on a budget, purchasing a refurbished computer might be your only option. A major positive is that you are getting a computer at a better price than if you got it brand new.

When you are going to purchase a refurbished computer you must focus on these things.

Make sure it’s useful for your personal uses.

In the market refurbished computers don’t come with a warranty. Make sure the warranty is three months to a year long.

The refurbished computers come with old version of windows. These operating systems could be outdated or about to be outdated.

Make sure the licensing key is valid and legible to the operating system install on the computer.  This is important as if you need to reload the operating system in the future the key is needed to activate your computer again.

The USB plug in your CPU/laptop should be compatible with your USB devices.



Wintronic Computers Plus

About Wintronic Computers Plus

Wintronic Computers Plus began its operations in response to the market’s demand for the highest-quality personal computer products at the best possible prices.

Starting in 1996 from our Burlington Store, we have grown into a multi-million dollar company with 7 locations in located in the southern Ontario area. Our success is a result of all the people who walk through our doors each and every day – our customers, our staff, and our vendor partners. Our customer base has grown exponentially from year to year through referrals and word of mouth. During this time, we have also achieved premier partnership levels with key vendors such as Lenovo & Asus.
Wintronic Computers Plus serves its clients by providing an extensive array of service and support logistics. Wintronic Computers Plus operates as an authorized service and repair facilities on behalf of some of their vendor partners (Lenovo, Asus). The service centre at Wintronic Computers Plus is one of the best in the area, offering efficient and reliable service. Our experienced techs are able to offer 24 hour turnaround on repairs ensuring as little downtime as possible.

          We consider ourselves to be your one stop service/sales centre – We offer:

  • Representing more than 1,400 vendors
  • Same day shipping
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  • Electronic Waste Collection (OES Partner)
  • Service contract
  • Networking and hardware support
  • Leasing
  • Blind drop shipments for Reseller Program
  • Refurbished Systems/Parts
  • In stock orders available for pickup/Delivery within business hours
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